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[Mod] FAQ!

This is the Frequently Asked Question section of the game. If you have anything you want to know, post here and get an answer! They'll be periodically added to the post. :)

Is this game completely AU? Like, will everyone know each other or should everyone just assume they have no connections with anyone else?
Yes, this game is completely AU. It's a gritty, ugly world full of drugs, criminal behavior, and pollution they're leaving behind. As far as if your characters know each other, that's up to you. Otherwise? Assume they've never met.

You said that masturbation does nothing... But does it have to be full penetrative sex that eases their suffering?
No. As long as it's not self stimulation, your character should be fine. Even if it's just hand jobs to each other, it counts as a sexual act. Mind you, it won't earn them anything unless that act is actually listed but... it'll work.

What kind of protection stops our characters from being able to run away?
The chip inside their body attaches to the nervous system, which is how it controls your characters getting horny in the first place. If they were to leave the confines of the community walls, they would get more and more tired the further they went from their home. Eventually, it would lead to them falling asleep. From there, outside sources would pick them up and bring them back home, to where they'd wake up with a massive headache and no idea how they got back.

If that's the case, what stops people from breaking my character out?
As far as friends and family know, your character now has a better life. They won't be looking for your character any time soon, if at all.

Will the chip fuck with them in other ways than just a raging hardon?
Eventually! There will be events that happen from time to time that have nothing to do with sex. They'll just pop up less often.

Will there be a map of the village at some point?
I'm very, very bad at creating maps... so imagine that the village your character lives in will be circular with all the houses on the outskirts and a central hub on the inside where they can socialize. Everything is run by computers with menu's they tap to purchase their stuff, and there's no need to pay with cash since the computers have complex scanners that register the chip inside them. But basically there's a bar, a place they can grocery shop, a library, places for clothes. As for entertainment there's a movie theater, bowling alley, skating rink, gym, swimming pool, and much more. I'm open to suggestions! Your character can even start a business of their own, if they want.