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[Mod] Premise

This world is bleak. Dark, smog covered skies are over every city. Money is hard to make and supporting yourself almost impossible on your own if you weren't born into it. Many people live in small apartments with at least three other people just to survive, and barely scrape past as is.

Then a lottery sprung up, giving people hope. Some will spend large chunks of their earnings just to have the chance to win a life away from their festering lives with few dreams and peace to be had. And when they win? They never take people with them. In fact, it's prohibited. Once they win and leave their life behind, they can never see their friends or family again. But it's the small price to pay for peace and a good life.

One that they have only a single chance to refuse. Very few do, though. A man in a smart business suit with a contract will give your character only one chance to refuse their winnings. They either sign the contract or they continue to stay in this world's eternal slums. From there, your character board's a train where the same man will inject them with a microchip. If they have any qualms, they're quickly told that it's to monitor their health and vitals and that doctors will assist them any way they can should they get sick.

Aside from that, the train ride is uneventful and soon your character reaches their new home village. Once they step foot inside this closed off community, they may never leave and inside isn't at all like what they expected. It may not be evident immediately, but your character will soon learn they must perform. Not only are they bound by contract, but the microchip inside them (which is so tiny it will never be found) will force them if they refuse.

At first, your character will simply start to feel horny. It graduates to discomfort and escalates to erections that don't go away. If ignored for too long symptoms of distress start appearing, in that they become sleepless and scatterbrained. Even sleepwalking can occur, if they manage to finally fall asleep. Masturbation does nothing to ease your character's pain. Only the acts that are listed on the community's mandatory blog site will help them. They may choose any out of the list, but the more they do the better off your character will be.

But fear not! Your characters will be rewarded for the sexual acts they manage to perform. The rewards can vary, and be anywhere from currency to spend at local shops (run by computers) or home improvements. They can even order special foods from their hometowns!