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[Mod] Rules!

Hello, and welcome to the Rules section! Let's jump on into it, shall we?

✧ Rules ✧

1) You should be respectful to everyone. No if's and's or but's about it. If you have problems with any of the players please either keep it to yourself or ignore that person. Chances are, you're not here because of them anyway.

2) No godmoding or powerplay. It's just not cool. I'm trusting you to respect your peers and ask if things are cool with them before you do anything. And if all else fails? Think to yourself "is this going to make someone uncomfortable? Is it crossing the line?" and you should be good, because if the answer is yes don't do it when it concerns someone elses character.

3) Be open-minded. Seeing as this is a sex game with only boys, it goes without saying that this is a Yaoi friendly community. If you can't handle two boys getting it on, there's no reason you should be here.

4) There will be no ooc shenanigans! By that, I mean STAY IN CHARACTER.

5) There WILL BE NO rape of any kind. Period. Not in character back stories, not in game, nowhere. This makes your mod very, very uncomfortable and she asks that if you have those kinds of fetishes please keep them in PSL's or other games. Extreme violence (such as beating a character within an inch of death) is also prohibited. You, nor your character, can do much when they're laying in the infirmary for weeks.

6) I want you to have fun, but please don't get weird gross when it comes to playing things out. I don't want to see competitions for a character's virginity, no one trying to bang everyone else for the hell of it, etc. Just because this is a sex game doesn't mean your characters can immediately be slutty. They're all being forced to participate and have no choice on the matter. It would be nice to see that, instead of eager acceptance.

7) Please, for the love of all that's holy... don't peer pressure anyone into giving you a pairing that you want.

8) Get involved in the game! You're here to play, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be pimping (haha) your character out to more than their significant other. We don't want things getting stagnant, do we~?

9) There is a character limit of four (4), to which you can apply for the first two immediately upon entering the game. The others have to be at least two weeks apart.

10) This rule is more of a "I hope they're paying attention" rule... Though this is a sex game and it's probably going to dominate the game play, don't make the entire game about your character getting it on, please. There's more to the game than just PWP~

I reserve the right to add or remove rules to this list should the need to arise. Everyone will be notified when or if this happens, so as not to be caught off guard.

HAPPY GAMING, EVERYONE! ♥ I hope you have fun~